Songs for People Who Can’t Hear Part III: I Need More Love by Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Wow.  The song opens at second one with a lone, funky, slapping bass solo – like the riff from Michael Jackson’s Speed Demon, only left to its own devices after all the other instruments have gone home for the day.  The bass gets crazy, eviscerating all notions of time signature or melody, and just when it seems like the whole song will come off the hinges, a tambourine jumps into the mix.

Now you know what the first four seconds are like in Robert Randolph and the Family Band’s posse jam.

From there, things start speeding up, and the Family in Family Band starts to shine through.  A hand drum and an organ enter the mix, and soon after, a drum and a hip vocalist join the party.  As soon as the vocalist begins singing, a guitar matches him note for note – what follows is a crazy jam – even the singers jam out, with some singers matching each other at the same notes but at a higher octave – like a group of ten people, some basses, and some falsetto castrati, just had to sing along to a funky beat laid down at a Carolina BBQ or somewhere on the Bayou.  The only thing that’s missing from this song is a big punch bowl of rum cocktail.  Invite your friends and play this song; the party is sure to start.

Download link: I Need More Love by Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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