Russian Redactor

22 January: I hate Sundays.

8 February: The Japanese have attacked Port Arthur. This is not going to be a good year.

14 February: All the dates are wrong now.

2 March: I wonder what I’ll do now that Michael will be king. On the day Grandfather was crowned, too!

3 March: And now he’s gone and freed the serfs. The people will never love me so much!

13 March: Grandfather died today. There was a bomb. I think it was the Jews.

14 April: Sergei has resigned. I’m not sure what this country is coming to.

14 May: Coronation Day—party to follow.

18 May: I am fifty today. I wonder how much longer they’ll let me live. I think they’re still mad about Kodynka.

18 June: Another girl, what a disappointment.

28 June: And now another war!

17 July: We’re being moved for our safety. I know someone will come for us soon.

5 August: I’ve acceded. The Duma has been formed, though I doubt it will do any good.

12 August: Finally, a son! I am already proud of the great man I know he will become!

5 September: The war has ended, though we needed the Americans to end it.

1 November: Father is dead now, too. I am not ready.

26 November: I am now a married man! Alix and I are very happy together. I will stand beside her in good times and ill, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part.

29 December: The monk is dead; I fear we are next.

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