The Santa Monica Ford sales staff sucks.

You know why Ford is going under?  Because they can’t sell any damn cars.  Not because people don’t -want- to buy their cars, but because the people who sell them are grossly incompetent.

I set out to buy a 2010 Ford Mustang at the beginning of the model year, back in August.  I put a deposit down in September.

The car arrived in mid-November, a few weeks late, but OK.  It was a touch off – the detailing was wrong – and they could’ve had cash in hand and a happy buyer, stat.

Instead, they took THREE AND A HALF MONTHS dragging their feet, just to do a little detailing.  I eventually got the car, and it’s great, I love it – but now there’s no 2nd key.  Yeah – they LOST the backup key somewhere along the line.

It’s been a week and a half now since I picked up the car…. still nothing.

I love my car.  It’s the best.  But Santa Monica Ford?  Never go there.  Ever.

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