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On Getting Old

So, Adam Brody turned thirty today,
even though he was in high school only
two years ago, in Newport Beach, planning
trips to Mexico, Comic-Con, and the
Vegas with his fake brother Ben. When
was the last time you listened to Phantom
Planet and didn’t think of Seth Cohen?

He was on an episode of Undressed,
that’s how old he is. He was in the first
season of Smallville (he’s almost as old
as Tom Welling for God’s sake). He was in
movies with Kristen Stewart before she
started dating dead people, and even
knew Brangelina before the babies.

He also had a recurring role on
Gilmore Girls, making him the most widely
recognized actor in shows college girls
watched when they were in high school. Good to know,
Brody, if you ever decide to get
married, there’s a whole generation of
once-underage girls who still adore you.

I hope by the time I turn thirty I’m
half as lucky, and throngs of adoring
fans worship my sarcasm, praise my dark
features, put nerdy posters of me up
on their dorm walls, too. It won’t be my looks,
poets aren’t usually sexy,
though we do tend to get better with age.