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Track Changes

I will unpack your eleven-line sentences.

I will help rearrange the commas you seemed to have scattered heedlessly throughout the text.

I will use the comment bubbles to ask if you think you should consider choosing a different word to be more accurate. (Note: that means you definitely need to find a different word.)

I will gladly accept a set fee per essay reviewed.

I will let you know when you are forgetting to add articles before your nouns.

I will try to gently guide you away from saying that the biggest financial problem the global economy faces is too much power being given to individual workers.

I will introduce you to gerunds and participles.

I will tell you to not capitalize that. Or that.

I will watch my computer’s upper-right clock tick over a couple of minutes before going on to the next sentence.

I will ask for you to clarify.

But when you say that you are applying to a higher education program because you want to “further level-up my abilities,” I won’t interfere. No admission officer can deny the honest purity behind such a statement.