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And I’m Pretty Sure I’m Scared of the Dark

And I’m Pretty

Sure I’m Scared of the Dark


I’m fairly positive

that I’m afraid

of catching my reflection

from the wrong

side of my face.

I’m not getting

any younger, not yet.

I never let myself

sleep in the middle

of the bed, for fear

that my heat might

dissipate evenly.

I will not eat alone,

and often go

weeks between meals,

subsiding on only

Crystal Light

and the Wikipedia

page on nutrition.

I also can’t cook.

I also can’t watch

movies on my own

or I’ll have bad dreams.

Who would reach for me?

I also can’t read.

I can kill bugs, but

will not touch anything

larger than a

hummingbird. I have

heard from friends,

the ones I have left—

and also I don’t

have many friends left;

put that down as well—

that I may be too old

to hold onto

some of my sillier

fears, but I can’t

imagine change, not

after all these years.